At a Glance

  • Founded in 1965
  • 260 Students
  • Tailored curriculum and lesson plan
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Student-to-Teacher ratio: 1:1 – 6:1
  • 95% of teachers hold an advanced degree
  • 0 drop-out rate
  • 100% of our students admitted to a four-year college/university


Educational Philosophy

At Stoneridge Preparatory School, we believe each student has unique talents. We strive to cultivate each student’s strengths and empower their full potential. We do not expect “fish to climb a tree”; instead, we teach fish how to find the ocean. We provide one-to-one class setting, small classroom setting, or combined classes setting based on students’ needs. Students who need more challenge, students who need extra attention, students who need a flexible schedule, students who just don’t fit regular school socially or academically, no matter which countries they come from, we are here for them. We tailor each student’s study plan and help the student become a confident, open-minded global citizen with professional knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.     


Stoneridge Preparatory School commits to cultivate entrepreneurship skill sets to prepare our students to advance worldwide as global citizens.


Stoneridge History

Stoneridge Preparatory School was established in 1965 in Calabasas, California by Maria Luisa and Dennis Arnold. Stoneridge is and has been structured as a “Small Learning Community” for many years. The school embodies the unique qualities of a Global Community. The socioeconomic makeup of Stoneridge is as diverse as our student population.

Today, Stoneridge Preparatory School continues to provide high-quality education to young men and women who enroll at Stoneridge. Stoneridge’s vision is to provide an educational opportunity for students from diverse cultural backgrounds with varying academic achievement degrees. We promote an environment that shapes our students’ confidence and creative builders of their future. Our curriculum reaches across all students to embrace academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and perseverance. We foster an exemplary learning community that inspires students to respect individual differences and community values.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Stoneridge Preparatory School has a diverse student body. Our international student population also varies from year to year. Our school’s students have come from Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Serbia, Japan, Korea, China, Quebec, Canada, England, the African Congo, and Senegal. We do not support elitism in education; we believe all students deserve the opportunity for excellent academic preparation for higher education.

At Stoneridge, we ensure each individual is involved, valued, and appreciated. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the mainstream representation of Stoneridge’s culture and environment. We commit to providing a positive, safe, and open-minded learning environment that allows our students to thrive and achieve sustainable personal growth.


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