STEM, Humanities & Arts


Students at SPS study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math beyond the traditional classroom structure to explore their areas of interest. Through STEM education, students will learn rigorous academic concepts with real-world lessons to develop abilities to compete in the new economy. Students will learn analytical skills, creative abilities, and technical skills. STEM will prepare students with advanced level of technical knowledge and problem-solving capabilities needed for future career such as biochemistry, engineering, computer programming, and emerging technologies.  


Our students study English Literature, History, Classic, and Modern languages. This course is designed to help students develop skills in critical thinking, creative writing, reading, and literature research. Students are fully engaged to think critically and independently. Instead of focusing on the answer, our teachers encourage our students to become a passionate learner and a thinker.

Different from traditional classroom teaching, students at SPS work in a small, conference setting to receive full attention via Harkness method. Harkness method promote teaching and learning for students to discuss ideas in an encouraging, open-minded environment with minimal teacher intervention. We encourage collaborative learning that doesn’t involve lectures. We ensure teachers and students come to the class to explore and discuss

Foreign Languages

To prepare our students to become global citizens and to keep up with today’s rapidly increasing global economy, we encourage students to acquire more than one language.

At SPS, we offer students more than 10 international language courses such as: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and more. Each language course offers students at least three different levels of studies, e.g. fundamental, intermediate, and advance containing listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar.

Meanwhile, each language course also offers students a culture literacy classes that deepen students’ connection to other cultures.

Each year, SPS’s international language programs give its students a chance to explore other countries. For instance, students who study Chinese could have the opportunity to visit China or even attend Chinese schools through spring or summer exchange programs. Students who study French can also visit France with our French faculty for the summer trip.

Visual & Performing Arts

Art is an essential part of our SPS community, and we believe art allows our students to be more creative, expressive, and confident. Every SPS student is required to complete at least one performing arts course to enrich their lives at the school. At SPS, we offer studio art, film & video, music, dance, theater, design, photography and more.

SPS holds at least two school performances per year for Spring and Fall musical. We also support our students’ art exhibitions in different occasions each year


Upcoming Art Events


Wizard of Oz Student Play


Student Photography Exhibition