Virtual Learning

Virtual Class

Virtual schools include a mixture of self-paced work with scheduled lessons, activities, and deadlines, online students can enjoy a more individualized education that fits their unique needs while still complying with the mandates of the individual school and state.


1. Students learn at their own pace. 

2. Encourages introverted students to participate.

3. Students’ schedules are individualized.

4. Opportunities for more learning options.

5. Comfortable learning environment.

6. Learning can take place anywhere in the world.

7. Encourages parent involvement.

Hybrid Learning

Blended Class

Blended learning include a mixture of learning methods that incorporate online learning and traditional face-to-face instruction. It ensures that students are engaged and driving their individual learning experience. It caters to individual needs of the learner based on each student’s unique learning style.


1. Tailors learning experience for each student.
2. Learning materials and resources can be accessed from anywhere.
3. Students’ schedules are individualized.
4. Reduces stress and increases satisfaction for slow or quick learners.
5. Students can track their progress.
6. Provides extended time with students.
7. Reduces isolation and provides more opportunities for collaboration.


Home-School Curriculum Learning


Home-School curriculum learning provides school curriculum to families that desire home-school learning without the hassle. The curriculum follows accreditation and the student will receive Stoneridge Preparatory School diploma at the end of the program.


1. Eliminates the stress to seek resources. 

2. Creates flexible schedule that fits your family.

3. Spend extra time with your children.

4. Parents can oversee their child’s learning.

5. Creates stronger bond with children.

6. Provides personal interaction and attention.

7. Spend time developing child’s special talent.

Campus Learning

Traditional Learning

Traditional learning takes place in a classroom setting. Teacher moderates and regulates the flow of information and knowledge. It creates a routine for students that brings punctuality and discipline.


1. Interactive and engaging learning experience with teachers and peers face-to-face.
2. All subjects can be taught.
3. Students can learn from each other.
4. Learning is scheduled.
5. Provides extra-curricular activities.